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some developing news and no one this morning and revenue more shot watson and instead is hon. and his big gas station pump goes, and flames. the once of the step that had his accident he and becoming a disaster appears and june temperatures around the building where we endorphins up to normal potential doesn't have look at the nimitz freeway where everything looks could through all went good hope we begin with some developing visit from oakland this morning could to and at shooting since several people including an 11 year-old who is in serious condition. the issue and i could run to
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the 200 block of american road with the juvenile was seriously hurt. the shootings are not related in the wind has been there rested yet. heedless incident happens the city of berlin is that a comprehensive crime planned for fighting crime city wide. linda sent up eight citywide crime reduction plan developing that plan would in the recorded in additional endeavor and additional resources. the city manager and stepped in to regional report that was authored was by the police department offers a crime- fighting strategies it needs to
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on second little pumping gas the next year running for their lives. crazy crazy afternoon. miraculous leet nobody was hurt. look it could damage behind me at this gas solution. this is a flexible and will gas station in my team as an adjustment is cleared and even some pumps charred. it looks almost apocalyptic in the second of all the damage. the station is going to be closed for about three months. you see the moment of impact. at that corner what offload in clinton to the gas pump. almost in manila after word almost there was an
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explosion. in addition to damages station is up the record to cars destroyed. quick thinking at the station manager stock is a bad situation from getting worse bono won't firepit hope i went out and hit the emergency shutoff switch will fasten hit the fees breakers and turning off all the pumps and all the switches. and then ran across the street. here's a look of the damage right after the fire. police said he will face charges and the governor and his call ended up so out of control. at a single sexual what it
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is to in boulder. the latest attack happened yesterday morning and at the park. the woman told police she was jogging when a man came up behind you're glad to blast and tried to pull a damn. and as the system and much behind two similar incidents over the past two weeks bit his lip this suspect looks like the redesigned 59 he the latino or middle eastern with a thick black hair. the suspect severely beat a 49 you're homeowner comparable be street in she was able to get out and run to a neighbor's house. the suspects got away with central reproduced at the described as a latino man. investigators are trying to get the robber was when the war started. the shuttle endeavor take enough drama and a passel of texas. the silence which to pass
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the taxes. at the above from texas to l.a. and and work its way up cure. it will make lowell brown a bum deal and then head back to al a. it will pass over the golden bridge before it had spent on the peninsula. not sure though because of the mother. on its way from houston to pass so and then to california. folsom prison and locked up after a hamas and the hudson up to an incident in made to the hospital. russian officers fired six shots and had an office in the fight. in the country the is this will not file charges
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against officers involved in the uc davis at worst incident last year. dealers report includes low is insufficient evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the use of force was unlawful or criminal. also going to have some clouds out but some parts of the bit in the eastern pilots will be able to see it. and make its way towards the west coast. if we get lucky to moment we might get a glimpse of the shuttle as it passes through the bay area. the big concern is the low clouds and fog. it's only patchy this morning somewhat broken. we have some cool to images that it's running into the 40's in the north bit. 44 now the 45 in
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santa rosa. as we head toward afternoon is going to be a nice day. the team degrees dole in seven rows of privilege run to take you outside decide a look at what one in santa clara. you and see everything is flowing nicely on a north and southbound model run. no problems out in the bit and the bridges. this is a hub hot spot for the admission into the crash and switch to an unseen in the turned out they had already closed incident. it sounds like everything is out of
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links. no reports of an overturned accidents. the pickup will work on these elements of highway 4 in the spirit that leverage room didn't republican mitt romney is what you on his popularity among hispanic voters he answered questions about immigration yesterday at a forum for the spanish-language tv network univision. on not in favor of any deportation mass exportation efforts. the form also included questions about the issue that dr. percival this up. pekin camera video in the poll suggests 36% of voters are less likely to vote for romney because of those comments 20 percent cid, make them more
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likely. the rest of the mix of difference to them. the san francisco, " says it got an e- mail from the bombing campaign saying this event will be close to the night and register to vote on line. that means no more filling up the reforms and waiting weeks to process. the secretary of state says in the first four hours alone for a dozen people side up. the deadline to register for the november election is october 22nd. people polled checks competing tax plans on the of the power sang the survey found 52 percent of voters support up the heat. that increases the
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state sells tax and income is the spearhead for building the high-speed will system in california the federal government says the construction could start next year on a 65 mi. section from merced to fresno. california and the feds will split the cost on that section. she questioned the spending has pushed a a local community college to the brink of bankruptcy. the report says city college of san francisco is almost twice as many faculty members as schools of similar size. the findings also include insufficient budget cuts after the college during less funding from the state. the school is facing a he deadline of 2013 to make the changes that the
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deadline is not met the city college of san francisco could be stripped of its accreditation. in the room of 86,000 students this will shuttle endeavor is in the theater and on its way to pass up. it's on its final journey to its permanent home in l.a.. shuttle make a dent if ratified by and ask for the golden gate bridge before heading down the peninsula is a clinic run asset gains in mountain view which will have a special and some bad pitches as a set you back in on its jumbo jet appeared for more details on the journey and when you could expect to see the shuttle in the sky near you can go to our web site. a warning for travelers if
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you're flying american airlines. he may want to check on your flight status pitch have little wooded lot activity popcorn now should be. what's not to like about that. huffy polyclitus in southern california,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tt
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inherently tootsie has it took almost four hours to bring them to come. i like rides but i would not want to be the month for four hours. let me start going numberless right side up. if
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cross in the same material which right side of the screen that's the key direction it should be about a 54 minute drive that of a word. if we go to our maps out as an accident that with the filing. it is unfortunate accident in east balance of a high with 24 approaching a pleasant hill road. the sort of to the right-hand shoulder. no new list want any more. the less guidance. if the contest into san francisco is a big tech conference going on. how true is shotgun between third and fourth. that wraps up on tour of
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p.m. on saturday. was done to the seven looking good into san jose. that she felt around the bay area this morning less cloud cover him in yesterday. the temperatures in the '50s that some forties' showing up in the valleys. mostly clear what inland this afternoon there will be plenty of sunshine. summer is winding down in a hurry. some 70's and 80's well inland. some high pressure will begin to sneak back in this weekend temperatures will and will probably to degrees. new delays to be reported from sfo. so far
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so good it's a good travelled across the country. temperatures, " said 69 in san rosellen he's been temperatures up in the '70s low 80s in lead. 69 degrees in 0162 and san francisco and over the next couple of days the temperatures what just a little bit. things will come back down again at come sunday and monday. a justice says she believes the defense of marriage that will go to the current supreme ms. reno's comments yesterday at the university of colorado in boulder. in 1996 log the plan same-sex marriage has been deemed unconstitutional by a judge in new york. it comes
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after the department's internal watchdog issued a report that concluded more than a dozen people should this disciplinary action. the report absolves the attorney general blame. the operation allowed guns to be smuggled into mexico and its and to find druglords. the colorado afeard shooting suspect will be in court today. 10 judges will be added against the 142 already at present. tropical killed and a movie theater and 58 injured. it's a very good idea to go ahead and if you have a flight on american airlines bought some. the airline has cut 300 flights a assist monday alone. some cancellations are being
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blamed on the pilots being upset. bankamerica is planning to cut 16,000 jobs by the end of the that would put the bank a year ahead of schedule on its schedule to eliminate 30,000 jobs because most cuts on other expected to be in the retail area. it's planning to close 300 more branches. how the team is being affected by the nhl lockout. a gunshot a home run that the a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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clinton did which we have patchy fog plant about sun this afternoon. were just a few digs into the nhl lockout and the league has already canceled zero preseason games for this amount.
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the san jose sharks are set to begin the regular season october 12th in anaheim that of the games are in jeopardy a team owners of the players' union don't agree on a new contract soon. alders want to reduce the want to one run in eight innings against the rockies. sen of of his first home run another pitcher with problems for the endless. the news again to the tigers' 62 but are still clinging to a wild- card spot the san jose of quakes
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the uses his head scoring a time to go against portland in the match ended in mid to to drop the quake's the nun and in the past 15 home games. that play against seattle on saturday. mitt romney just read that after his controversial comments. the price is that in the bay a gas station on fire and several cars put up with it. will have an open before people shot include and another in europe a call here from the young boris family who
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over the gun hadn't lent another newborn shot while he was the intelligence and surveillance video of a crash and explosion at a bit of a gas station. a study that as flames and and explosions. the crash and explosion at a bigger bass fishing. i read that into the emergency shutoff switch bit of stuff the with putting plastic and chemicals. california's largest public- school in the financial crisis. it my campaign is about the 100
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percent of america and i'm concerned about that%. i kept imagining of was willing to follow a developing story this morning and 11 you're bush got lost and in his home. the shooting happened and open overnight. but is in serious condition iced lift all luis antonio 311 you know what it saw her she then like good news asleep in his room. we have some video to show you. some of the liberals inside and outside its home. the
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nine other people in the home when the shooting happened. his family tells me that he is in surgery right now. he had a bullet hole but here and blood dripping. hughes vigorous year. a note with your tv ed dorn and long before hitting the child. this was the second shooting that happen over night. -post have been 4 mi. away at of our house before. let around 1120 last night three people were injured and some of them is in serious condition. alas we checked into a don't believe these shootings were related and there have been no arrests made.
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in overnight funds comes the day after the city of oakland does not have a comprehensive plan for fighting crime. a report signed by the police chief says oakland does not have a citywide crime reduction plan. developing the plan will require an expensive endeavor and additional resources. the city manager stepped in. the report that was offered was by the police department. it offers car fighting strategies but the council has asked for is a city wide crop reduction plan that integrates all the apartments. she to jordan is asking the city of another police academy next year to get more officers on the street the video is a man is in and out of control, into a gas pump as it explodes into flames could it happen on that off and then what. we have video from this
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thing from a couple of different perspectives. when you the the damage behind me to the flex oral-station it's hard to believe that nobody was injured. significant damage to the station and it will be closed for least this surveillance video and this is the moment of impact. the driver was backing up to the pomp and step on the accelerator instead of the lake. hamas and italy afterward an explosion just after 530 last night. since then he must often shows the fire. the driver of a ford car so she was filling up just before the car was hit my initial thought was i was where to go back to the cobbling of
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fallout in those five and a people running. so i decided to run as a look of the damage right after the five things could have been worse if a was a former clerk inside the station who saw the crash and quickly in an emergency shut off button. that stopped the flow of gas to the pumps. nor was her in the incident. not even the driver police have not said whether or not the brought driver will be charged with anything. a san jose firefighter suffered a heart attack at the side of the church of was just released from hospital. he collapsed has five crews gained a forehand on but that on the cathedral. he received at wed on
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the clock support from his firefighters after being transferred to the hospital in critical condition. fremont police the police sketches of two men wanted in connection with a roman village and robber. earlier this month for a man severely beat a 49 year-old women. she was able to get out and run to a neighbor's house. the suspects got away with julie. investigators are trying to figure out if the robber was rendered more targeted sexual predator is the in boulder. the list that happened yesterday morning. a woman told police that she was jogging when a man came up behind a cloak to and tried to pull her down. investigators say the same man is behind two similar incidents are the past the suspect looks all right for the use of five and die with a medium build and thick black the
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lead house met is calling on the state attorney general to launch a review of the pollution and in the city. officers shot and killed a 23 year-old was actually at the gun. the man's family denied that he had such a weapon. the measure says an outside review will help establish a greater trust in the investigation in folsom prison log on not on this morning. the bureau broke up late yesterday morning and involve more than 60 inmates. correctional officers fired six shots didn't run and in the fight could be entered in this sort of taken to several of the hospitals. the officers were injured in the rally. will come to the end of summer. phelps of the delta at low clouds and fog and patchy in
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spots. it's kind of low-key compared to what it's been the past couple of days. it will break up at the afternoon. but no elliptical in spots appeared to run in san jose's. such an and the numbers will be winning political with an average seven in santa clara system at a milpitas the study temperatures of and the 70's and well in the mid '80s. 62 in san francisco and 67 degrees and hayward. seen a lot more cars in the road and about half the sum of look at a nice ride of a whip out towards palo alto purely
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lights moving bust done. the time looks ok hit worst fantasies of a break right to the altamont pass. the zone of dried thyme sensors. since the wet pass the winter runs into livermore. we have briquets and it looks better towards the dublin interchange. this isn't the mud creek approaching pleasant hill road images to a from cal trans that is going to be a street sweeper at the lead to quick to believe. as with a mass transit nothing to note nodal live the. and when the crude and has come during a vacation and of all california walking on the
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beach when the giant waves whipped them both into and out. she managed to get up but a navy boat found parked at about 800 yds away from what happened and north africa and a fit mid the to win on that an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. national counter-terrorism officials testified in congress than they are still investigating the attack happened to him during a protest because of an anti is run the video that was produced in the u.s. but an actress in net fell have a fault in slander suit against the film maker of this she says she was to have a film maker clement a controversial dialog was stunned after her involvement in the project. biden is planned for a file have been less an amount
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after a large refinery for of in the country. no deaths or of injuries or republican presidential the strike to improve is the members among hispanic members appointed some and then i think that you are dividing the united states and on the list of building hit 47 percent of the population. my campaign is about 100 percent of the population. this is a campaign about helping people that is an issue that has dogged romney for the past couple days. the hidden camera video on which she suggests 47% of americans will be the victim's anti of the government handles handout. this percent of voters are less likely to vote for romney because of those vote, if
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it. % of sun, and make them more likely to vote and the rest state and comments make no difference to them. the san francisco chronicle says the government and the from the campaign sang it will be close to the media. california to submit a little bit easier to vote. you cannot do on nine. no more violent on paper and will be weeks for them to be processed reported in the first row and was alone for a dozen people have signed up. the deadline for the november election is october 22nd. to last detaches a cool solar eclipse. the rare photo taken from mars. because sons into a police cruiser. aliquo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> some video you have to see to believe of video from a police officers dashboard camera. a texas officer responding to a
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minor accident. a car slammed into the cruiser which then when barreling into cars on the shoulder. the officer suffered scrapes and bruises, the man who hit the cruiser was driving drunk. the labor department just reported a slight drop in new jobless claims across the country. >> stock futures are down this morning and ashley joins us from money watch. >> asian stocks dipped this morning after news that chinese output hit a 10 month low. tokyo's nikkei index lost while the hang seng lost half of%. encouraging news gave stocks a lift on wall street. there are new signs that the nation's battered housing market continues to make a slow but steady recovery. the national association of
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realtors says that previously owned home sales increased 7.8 percent last month more than 10% in august from july but sales are still below what is considered to be a healthy market. airline passengers listen up, labor strikes are forcing american airlines and american eagle to cancel 300 flights this week. a high number of pilots have been calling out sick after rejecting the company's last contract offer. there has been an increase in the number of means reports filed by flight crews. this will not just affect those flying american, airports will be hectic trying to put people on different flights so be prepared. >> we hear some of your neighbors are some of the richest people in america >> not exactly my neighbors but some people in new york city, bill gates topps forbes magazine annual list of the richest man
5:47 am
in america as he has in previous years. facebook founder mark zuckerberg was the latest loser. he tumbled to 36 from no. 14 last year. facebook lackluster stock costing more than $8 billion of net worth but no need to worry, he is still worth an estimated $9.5 billion. he will be all right and maybe he should buy some apple stock with some of that. >> what we checked the weather because the weekend is approaching. >> patchy fog out there right now, less caught and compared to a couple of other days. by the afternoon we have plenty
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of sunshine '50s and '60s out towards the coastline still remaining on the cool side with numbers a little bit broken at 1,200 ft.. traveling across the country will not be too bad. 72 in new york and 70 degrees with partly cloudy skies in chicago. he's been numbers in the '70s and even 80s well inland today. beautiful in santa rosa at 76
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and 77 degrees in sonoma. the next couple of days we warm up a few degrees and then it looks like we will cool down coming sunday and monday. let's look at the weather and traffic now with elizabeth >> let's take you right out towards the bay bridge were a lot of people are heading this morning. so far, no metering lights or big delays right now. it looks great all across the upper deck. we see quite a bit of brake lights on west down 580, one of the first thoughts to back up every morning. 19 minutes towards the dublin
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interchange and it is starting to get pretty busy. the other slow spot, highway 4, it is really bottle necking. those squeezes sensors are picking up some below 25 m.p.h.. continuing to move welfare walnut creek. chp is still on the scene on the right-hand shoulder on the eastbound lanes of highway 24. let's go see kcbs an ra 05. everything is looking pretty good heading 3 the macarthur maze. that is a check of the time saver traffic. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> space shuttle endeavor is on the move, it took off from houston at about 5:00 a.m.. it is heading to help pass own
5:51 am
now and the spacecraft is on its final journey to its permanent home in l.a.. on friday the shuttle will make a bay area fly by passing over the golden gate bridge before heading down the peninsula, circling around nasa in mount view and that will hold a special viewing events. other prime viewing spots include the bay area discovery museum, the exploratorium and the lawrence hall of science. for more details on the journey and when you can expect to see the shuttle, go to the nasa rover curiosity is already helping researchers learn more about mars. curiosity is performing tests on a rock to try to figure out its composition. >> on want to see more pictures. was a lot more junk mail could
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be heading your way. >> a dog on a diet, [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it.
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>> how about kicking off the first weekend of fall at the monterey jazz festival? mostly sunny with the temperature is 67 degrees. >> we have spilled grapes in napa county that is causing a traffic alert in the southbound lanes of highway 29 in calloused of that. >> you might be finding more junk mail in your mailbox very soon. the united states postal service is thinking to greatly
5:55 am
increase its direct mail advertising base which means more so-called junk mail deliveries to the millions of mailboxes and a lot more revenue for the struggling post office. >> today is your last chance to help some animals in need of a temporary home. the humane society in pleasanton much shutdown for a few weeks while crews replaced the floor which has become a dirt track a breeding ground for bacteria. during construction of the animals will need a home. the world's fattest dog is on a mission to lose 40 lbs. >> the vet placed the portly portland pooch, on a strict diet of high protein and fiber. he weighs up to 77 lbs. and he was so big that he had problems walking. his new diet let him lose nearly 10 lbs. and he has thousands of friends on his
5:56 am
facebook page called the biggest loser box in addition >> i think the most amazing part of this whole thing is how he is influencing an inspiring people >> his foster mother says it he gets e-mail and letters from people who watch him on line. they say they have been inspired to shed the pounds as well. >> all eyes on endeavor. >> in oakland where an 11 year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was shot inside his after he was shot inside his home while he was sleeping.
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